14 • Sep • 14


'Always thought that for forever, I'd lay next to you... 
Under a flame tree, by the river, beneath a firemoon.'
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13 • Aug • 14

Festival of Small Halls Australia ANNOUNCEMENT

JUST ANNOUNCED: Hey AUSTRALIA!! Well, I've been keeping my lips sealed for a while now, but I can finally let the cat out of the bag!! Guess who's coming back!!!

This October I'll be joining the The Mae Trio ladies in an exciting tour around QLD for Festival of Small Halls Australia!! A handful of other Australian dates are to be announced very soon but I couldn't contain my excitement any more!!

Hope to see you there!! x Andy #October2014Tour #Australia #FestivalOfSmallHalls #MaeTrio

*For more information visit my show page here or www.festivalofsmallhalls.com

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