17 • Apr • 14

Voting: A Great Way to Stay in Shape!

A vote a day keeps the doctor away***! 

***results based on an independent 2014 study.

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15 • Apr • 14

'Tinman' - CBC Searchlight Regional Finalist!

Hey friends! Thanks to your support, my song 'Tinman' has made it through to the Regional Finals in this years CBC Searchlight Competition. What started out as more than 4500 entrants from all over Canada, is now down to just 230!

With the competition really heating up, I need your help now more than ever! Continue to cast your vote(s) for 'Tinman' by visiting http://music.cbc.ca/#/artists/Andy-Brown. Voting is quick and easy, and doesn't require an email address, so be sure to vote everyday from now until April 21st.

Thanks again, and stay tuned! smile

x Andy

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